VAT Registered EU customers

Customers registered for EU VAT can now view 0% rated pricing. Simply create an account using the register account button in the top right of the screen and follow the steps for account creation.

Select the option for EU VAT registered at account creation and where prompted enter your EU VAT number:

When registration is complete you will be able to see prices at the 0% rated level. Orders can be placed at the 0% level but be advised that the VAT number will be confirmed before items are dispatched and if the VAT number does not clear we will contact you by email for clarification of the VAT number. Lilliput Direct will not be held responsible for any delays caused to shipments because of irregular EU VAT number entry.


For Bank Transfer type orders - Please wait for confirmation from our sales team for payment without VAT. Lilliput Direct will not be responsible for over or under payment of bank transfers and the associated fees that go with them.

Thank you for your patience.